Is Homosexuality THE BEAST -- And Is Accepting It THE MARK

The closer we get to the day of Jesus' return, the more the acceptance of homosexuality is becoming that which people are measured by. Those who are not accepting of homosexuality are more and more being treated as outcasts. It has even crept into many supposed right-wing groups. It goes both ways and exposes wolves, as well.

The bible tells us "pride" comes before the "fall." It is ironic that homosexuals use the term "homosexual pride," and that every great nation has fallen after homosexuality ran ramped.

Could "The Beast" be "homosexuality?" Could the acceptance of homosexuality be "The Mark?" If it isn't, it sure is a picture of it. One of the biggest goals of the homosexual agenda is to make it where we cannot buy or sell if we do not accept homosexuality. Is that not what will happen to those who refuse the sign of the beast? Yes, it sure is.

Look around at the states that have laws that will shut a place of business right down, if that place does not do business with homosexuals and or homosexual events. Look at the lawsuits out there against Christian owned businesses that refused to be party to a homosexual event. And if you cannot earn money, then you cannot buy anything.

Currently there is a lawsuit against a school district for not allowing homosexual websites to be accessed by children. And then there is a group of homosexuals demanding that PayPal cut off some right-wing organizations that speak against homosexuality. Yes, homosexuals are out to starve anyone who will not accept the mark of homosexuality.

But before homosexuals get all excited over the thought of this, just know that the born again believers will be raptured out of here to be with Jesus before the Mark of The Beast is fully forced on anyone who wants to live. --And that is no matter what exactly is "The Beast."


Debra J.M. Smith 09-23-11


 Debra J.M. Smith