Embracing Racism
By JR Dieckmann
Great American Journal

Every Time A Conservative Is Called A Racist
An Angel Gets His Wings
Debra J.M. Smith



Great American Journal Excerpt: Am I a racist? I never thought so. But lately, those on the left have been redefining racism, just as they have been redefining our Constitution and American institutions. According to them, I guess I am now a racist. We cannot stop the radical and irresponsible charges of racism coming from the left, but we can dilute them.

If you objected to the TARP bailouts, you were not considered a racist. But if you object to the Stimulus bailouts, then you are a racist. What’s the difference? If you object to the government takeover of private banks, that qualifies you as a racist. And if you complain about the government takeover of the auto industry then you are certainly a racist.

You say you don't want a Cap and Trade law that will kill the traditional energy industry and double your utility bills and costs of living? That earns you a racist badge. And now you want to object to government run healthcare? Well, under the new definition, you are obviously a diehard racist.

Do you support or attend tea parties or participate in pro-constitutional rallies? You guessed it, you're a racist, maybe even a Nazi according to some on the left! Do you watch Fox News or listen to conservative talk radio? You might as well just admit it, you're a hopeless racist.

If all this make me a racist, then I guess I'm a racist, and proud of it. Click Here

DJMS - Commentary: Every time a liberal calls a conservative a racist, an angel gets his wings.

Now, you may ask, "Why would an angel get his wings, every time a liberal calls a conservative a racist." Well, I will tell you why. Clearly a conservative is doing something right, when he/she backs a liberal up to the point that the liberal has nothing else to argue a point with, that the liberal has to resort to playing the race card.

Liberals toss that word in, the second they think it will get them what they want, a conservative, running and crying that the big bad liberal, threw the RACE card into the mix.

They know EXACTLY what they are doing!

THOSE who worked hard to end TRUE discrimination (on a whole) against the black race in this nation, did NOT do it so that a bunch of self-serving hypocritical liberals could exploit their accomplishments for the latest left-wing ploy!

Basically, when a liberal plays the race card, that means that the game is over, the liberal lost, the conservative wins, the angel gets his wings, and the crowd goes wild!

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