Dispute over seat sparked attack on school bus, student says
By Leah Thorsen and Nicholas J.C. Pistor and Elizaethe Holland --
STL Today



STLToday Excerpt: A student on a Belleville West High School bus was beaten for his choice of seat, not because he was white, according to a witness and police.

"The incident appears now to be more about a couple of bullies on a bus dictating where people sit," said Belleville Police Capt. Don Sax, who originally said Monday's attack may have been racially motivated.

D'Vante Lott, 16, said he was on the bus and witnessed the attack by the two black students.

The victim walked onto the bus, looking for an open seat, but students kept turning him down, as D'Vante said happened often with this student.

DJMS - Commentary: If that innocent child was mine, I would sue that bad kid's parents, the school and the bus driver. And then, I would have that bad kid tried as an adult and have his rear in prison for the next 30 years! Sorry, but this angers me! THIS is why parents need to THINK, really THINK about pulling their innocent children out of public schools! Monsters like that bad kid, do NOT belong with other people! And I don't care if it was racially motivated or not! But, I have to ask what Rosa Parks would say!

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