Email To My Congressman On The Syria Situation    
                                                  Do not go into Syria. Do not bomb Syria.

Note: I no longer have (D) Louise Slaughter as my congressperson. I now have (R) Chris Collins.

Dear Congressman Collins,

Your website has a survey asking how your constituents feel about taking action against the Syrian government. The survey asked the following question: "Do you support the Obama Administration's resolution before Congress authorizing military action in Syria?" to which I answered, "No."

Congressman Collins please keep in mind that there is no proof that the Syrian government gassed its own people. Please also keep in mind that even if it did, such is not our business, as we are not the world-police. Just as we believe chemical weapons are wrong even in times of war, there are countries that feel America is wrong for killing countless babies in the womb.

As much as I cannot stand that our government allows the killing of the unborn in this country, I would never want another country to come over here and bomb anything or anyone in an attempt to discourage abortions in our nation. Abortion in America is our problem and our business to fix. And whatever is going on in Syria with chemical weapons is Syria's problem and Syria's business to fix. It is bad enough that our government plays daddy with Americans, but playing such with another country is what truly crosses a red line.

America comes off as quite arrogant saying it needs to "punish" another country for what goes on within that other country's own boarders. This is nothing like Iraq, in that there has been no threat to us or to any of our allies by the Syrian government. But if we go over and start a war (and it would be an act of war to bomb that country), we will open our country up to being attacked in any way available to Syria and its allies, which includes Russia. And we would not have any sympathy from our allies or responsibility from them to help us, as we would have brought it upon ourselves and been the ones at fault.

I have a real concern that this was a set-up by the radical Muslim Brotherhood Syrian rebels to get us involved in their fight against the Syrian government. And I believe that many members of the radical Muslim Brotherhood are placed throughout our country, just waiting to engage in chemical warfare with us, the minute that we would start a war with the Syrian government. I believe they have been planning for years, just as 9/11 was planned for years, to attack us from within our boarders. I believe they are just waiting for their orders.

Please do not give Obama your approval to bomb Syria. If he bombs that country, let it be on him and on him alone. He has already resorted to blaming the world for setting the "red line." If congress gives him the okay to bomb Syria, he will then claim that he was just doing what Congress wanted. If Obama gets us into what could be the mother-of-all wars, let it be on him. Give us the chance to get a conservative in office in 2016, in order to undo what would happen.

And finally, Congressman Collins, please note that the people in our government who are saying Syria cannot hurt us if we go over and bomb Syria, are the same people who claim Syria is a threat to us now

Debra J.M. Smith 09-10-13

Update: Just 5 hours after I sent my email and posted on his facebook page a message explaining how I feel about bombing Syria, Congressman Collins posted a video on his facebook page with a note saying that he "will vote no to authorize U.S. military action in Syria, if and when the vote comes to the House." --Now, you know I would like to think he read what I said and that I was who convinced him to vote "NO". But the fact is that he listened to what over 4,000 of his constituents said. And THAT says a lot more than if he had just listened to me. I am so impressed and so thankful that a congressman cared to listen to his people and to truly represent us, when what we wanted was something constitutionally he could do. --To view the video: Click Here



 Debra J.M. Smith