Did My Debate With Louise Slaughter Reveal The Truth Behind The HR 3200 Health Care Bill

A Conversation With Congresswoman Louise Slaughter
The sound person keeps turning me down. It gets turned back up.


A Message On The Constitution vs. U.S. Health Care Reform
We need to understand it in order to fight this health care bill.

NOTE: I did not notice till afterwords, while listening back to the show, that "common defense" was thrown into the mix. Of course I believe that Congress is supposed to provide for the common defense of the United States. The listener would not have known that they kept turning my sound down. She would direct something to me and then not let me answer, without her interrupting. As a result, she says somethings at the same time that I was trying to answer her. -- Towards the middle (at the 3:22 time stamp) of the audio on the left (up top of this page), you will hear Louise Slaughter and me talking on the radio. You will also hear her falsely accuse me of something, clearly designed to portray me as hard-hearted. She said, ďI know who you are. I know exactly who you are. You are the woman, too, who believes that everyone with AIDS should be put on an island to die.Ē --This false claim that the congresswoman tossed out at me, was a fabrication that would have been built from something found on an internet blog.


Her words said to me that she has been trying to dig up dirt on me. What an awful thought to think that my congresswoman would try to silence me in such a way. This is what I believe happens in Washington, a type of blackmail, a threat to harm a persons name if the person does not shut up and let the liberals do what they want to do. I talk on various topics every day; of course I have said things that could and have been twisted and added to by troubled-souls on the topic of homosexuals, as well as on AIDS patients, none of which are what she claimed. No matter what, nothing Iíve ever said waves my right to representation.


I asked her why she would say that which she said to me. And my question kept coming back to my mind. Why would she say that? Clearly she wanted to discredit me, but it was so foolish of her to do something so juvenile. She is said to be the second most strong woman in congress, sounding like a bullying thug, seeking to silence one of her constituents.


I had wanted the audio of hers and my conversation to be on my website so that people could hear her response to my thoughts on the bill not being constitutional. Part of me wanted to crop her false accusation out of the audio before posting it on my site, because I didnít want to give it a platform and because I did not want listeners to be distracted from the main topic, which is what I believe she was out to do, to divert the conversation away from the issue at hand.


This morning, when I awoke, before my eyes were even opened, something hit me. What if those words from Louise were on the real issue at hand? What if the main reason for the health care bill is to make all Americans pay for the health care needs of AIDS patients, over anything else?


Though, I realize that AIDS is not just a homosexual illness, it is still largely homosexuals who have AIDS in America. Is the homosexual community behind the pushing of this health care bill? Is this why Louise blurted out with that statement? Was she saying that I donít want the bill, because (in her opinion) I donít care about AIDS patients, as if that is the main reason for the bill and those who are against it, must be for the death of AIDS patients?

Did Louise Slaughter let the cat out of the bag of just who is really behind the pushing of this health care bill, and I am sitting on this information?


Is this a sign of the things to come if this bill goes through to law? Will politics become a fight over which illness receives more government money and which receives less?


If this bill goes through to law, our government will be in charge of deciding which groups of peopleís health is more important than others, and people will be accused, left and right, of not caring if certain groups live or die. Please tell me when I left America and entered into this nightmare.


Debra J.M. Smith - Sept. 10, 2009

Louise, if you are reading this, you could not have been more wrong about me. I have gone on record as having said that I hope one of my daughters (both in the sciences) comes up with the cure for cancer and the other develops the cure for AIDS, all to God's glory. No, Louise, you do not know who I am, nor do you know my heart or the hurt in it for the lives you have harmed as a congresswoman.  ...Debra

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