"Aspiring Politician to Sue Two Florida Papers" --NY Times

                Jeff Greene's Great At Making Money, But Lousy At Law

NY Times Excerpt: [Democrat] Jeff Greene, a Florida real estate developer who lost one of the year’s most bitter and closely watched primary elections, is preparing to sue The St. Petersburg Times and The Miami Herald for libel, claiming that articles they published cost him his bid for the United States Senate: Click Here 

The news story quotes Greene as having said, "I want to send a message to every newspaper in the country: Do your homework." It also quotes Greene as having said, "I deserve to have the record corrected, and they deserve to be punished."

Jeff Greene may be great at making money, but he is lousy when it comes to law.

That statement that he made, "Do your homework," is his admittance that he knows the incorrect news stories were NOT told with malice, but rather naivety. And the other part of his statement shows that he is just seeking to use the courts for his personal revenge.

The judge should throw the case out and Greene out, on his billionaire hind-end.

I called both news papers. They both sounded happy to hear about this blunder and plan to check it out.

Debra J.M. Smith - © 09-07-10

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