Why Does Obama Want War With Syria    
                                                  No, this is not another Iraq. It is worse.

Secretary of State John Kerry has apparently become Obama's mouthpiece and been given the job of trying to convince the American people that war with Syria is a good thing.

Suddenly we are supposed to believe that these peace-at-any-cost hippie freaks that never came out of the last century are seeking war with Syria for the good of the Syrian people, for America's good, and for the good of the world.

They want us to believe that the Syrian government set off chemical weapons against their own people and that we now have to punish the Syrian government.

First, we do not know who set off those chemical weapons. It is interesting that after Obama said chemical weapons is the red line that if crossed, will cause America to get involved in their war. Then bing bang boom, chemical weapons go off on a thousand of their people. What a coincident.

Second, we are not the police of the world and should not behave as such. Yes, it is a horrid thing that is going on over there. But it is their fight, not ours, and not an ally of ours.

Iraq was an entirely different situation. It was part of the agreement in ending the Gulf War, that Iraq would always show its full weaponry hand. When Saddam refused to show everything, we had no choice but to go in. Even if he really had not been starting to build weapons of mass destruction, had we not gone in, such would have given him the go-ahead to build them. Saddam really was a threat to the entire world and us. Syria's war is contained to Syria at this time.

Something is up here, and I wish I knew what it is. But there is a reason Obama desires to go to war with the government of Syria. And it is not for any good. Obama is not to be trusted

Debra J.M. Smith 09-02-13



 Debra J.M. Smith