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  Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Debra Speaks On YNN News

Sometimes less really is best. It is true that more of an interview ends up on the editing floor, than on the air. But YNN News has once again done the conservative movement well.

The news story topic is embryonic stem cell research and specifically, the block that federal judge, Royce Lamberth recently put on federal funds going to embryonic stem cell research.

It is very important to note that the block is not on federal funding of all stem cell research. It is only on the stem cell research that creates a life, to take that life's would-be body parts (embryonic stem cells.) It was important that I got that point across in clear layman's terms.

I was also able to express that anyway such funding is blocked, is fine with me, and that it was done in a legal way
. --Please click on the arrow on the picture to view the video of the news story.

11-12-12 Update: It appears that YNN removed the video because it's been over two years. However, the text of the interview is sill on the site and can be seen by clicking the arrow on the picture. But just incase it goes missing too some day, I am posting it below on this page of mine.

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Text From The Interview:

The future of stem cell research is up in the air after a U.S. District Court judge blocked the Obama Administration from funding human embryonic stem cell research.

John Testa was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 15 years ago.

"The progression was slow at first. Medication kept the symptoms pretty much under control,” said Testa.

He said at this stage in the disease he has to take well over 20 pills a day.

"The last two years it's really progressed rapidly," said Testa.

For Testa, his hope to help control this incurable disease relies heavily on stem cell research.

In March of last year, President Obama signed an executive order lifting the ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, but it was recently blocked by a U.S. District Court judge.

"I think anyway to block it is good where I'm concerned. And I think they did it in a legal way," said Debra JM Smith, a Conservative journalist.

"This judge's ruling puts us back in a far worse situation than George Bush,” said Dr. Mark Noble, director of the University of Rochester Stem Cell and Generative Institute. "And throws things into a tremendous state of confusion as far as federal funding."

Noble believes this ruling will slow down local efforts dedicated to lifesaving research.

"What this really means is complex. It affects not only the small area of research, but it also affects more broadly stem cell research in the academic and industrial communities," said Noble.

But those with a more Conservative view like Debra Smith argue that federal funds shouldn’t be used for embryonic stem cell research. --"People need to understand that embryonic stem cells are the would-be body parts of a baby. They are literally creating a life and taking its would-be body parts. It’s barbaric."

"When you have an incurable disease, that's all you have is hope and they took the hope away. That's disgusting," Testa added.

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