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                                                      CNN's Rick Sanchez Goes Nuts Over Quran Book Burning 

Pastor Terry Jones has a Quran book burning event planned for this September 11th. The event is in protest to Islam and the Ground Zero Mosque being built in New York City: Click Here 

CNN's Rick Sanchez is clearly upset over it, talking as if people are taking Quran's out of the hands of Muslims and burning them. They're not their books being burned. If I own one before burning it, then I am burning my own book, should I so choose to participate. It is peaceful speech, not violence.

When a book is burned, it says something. In this case, it would say that we are totally against the book and that which is in it. But it would also say that we are a free people and able to burn one if we want to burn it, that we are not subjected to any Islamic law and never will be.

And yes, they are welcome to do what they want with any book that they own. I am not insulted by someone burning a bible that he or she owns. If someone burns a bible that he/she owns, that's between that person and his/her Maker and has nothing to do with me. 

I would like to know where Rick Sanchez was, when some Muslims burned the U.S. flag in the streets of New York City, which should be illegal because of what it does say against America, on our own soil. And does he get this upset when people do things to the bible? Is he upset over the insult of the building of the Ground Zero Mosque? --Something tells me that he is just acting a part out, for his news show. He is participating in the latest fad.

Debra J.M. Smith -  08-27-10
 -- Sorry about the CNN ad that plays on their video before the actual news clip. It's their video.

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 Debra J.M. Smith