How would you give thanks to someone for a sacrifice they made for you -

                           Government Website Dismisses Father of Flight 93 Hero 

The National Park Service website, which is part of the U.S. Department of Interior, has many pages devoted to the defense of the Flight 93 memorial design. The site makes no secret of the intense conflict over the design of the memorial, which is seen by many as a giant crescent shaped Mosque that points to Mecca, complete with an Islamic prayer-time sundial.

The most telling part of the defense of the design is where the designer of the memorial admits that the father of Tom Burnett Jr., a Flight 93 hero, is against the design. While architect Paul Murdoch claims that Tom Burnett Sr., was at one time "satisfied" with the design (something the Burnetts say is "not a true statement"), Murdoch admits that Mr. Burnett speaks out against the design. It is on page three of a questions and answers page of the government website: Click Here 

A Daily American PA article quoted the Flight 93 hero's mother, Beverly Burnett, as clearly oppose to the design: “We need to settle this once and for all, with both sides at the table,” [Beverly Burnett] said in a conference call. “I ask you why do you think Tom Sr. opposes the design. He saw Islamic symbols in it from the start and he knew that it doesn’t belong.” Click Here

The large crescent shape design, originally called "The Crescent of Embrace," can be seen on the government site: Click Here -- The Burnetts have even been denied their request to simply have their son's name omitted from the memorial. And o
n page five of the Q&A page, Paul Murdoch asks the question, "How would you give thanks to someone for a sacrifice they made for you?" If I may answer that: I would do nothing, before I would do anything that would offend a single close family member of even one of our Flight 93 heroes. To offend a father and then to just dismiss him, as if he is a "nobody" in this, is a total lack of honor. However, Murdoch says that it's done with an "embrace." Apparently, even by force.

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