An Open Message To Extreme Evolutionist Richard Dawkins 

The Washington Post posted Evolutionist Richard Dawkins's rant that he wrote in response to Governor Rick Perry's comment that evolution is just a theory. Dawkins is clearly bothered by people who do not believe in evolution. Click Here

My message/comment is below:

Dear Richard Dawkins,

You asked the following two questions, to which (as a biblical born again Christian) I would like to respond, "...should schools teach [evolution] as a mere “theory”? Why is evolution so threatening to religion?

Evolution should not be taught as a "theory" in public schools. At best it is a hypothesis that could never truly be a theory. This is because there is no scientific method by which to seek to prove it.

Evolution has never been proven and could never be proven and there for is not a fact, but rather a faith-belief. People who believe in evolution, put their faith in it and hope not to be wrong. Though nothing proves evolution, the evolution belief does prove something; it proves that there really is a way known to man that seems right, but that its end is destruction. --If you desire to not look at that in a spiritual manner, then look at it scientifically. As the physical attributes of matter truly do mirror the spiritual condition of those who worship such matter.

And though I cannot speak for other religions, biblical born-again Christianity is not threatened by evolution. As you see, sir, the evolution faith-belief has not hindered such in the least.  However biblical born-again Christianity has greatly hindered the progression of the evolution faith-belief.

A true biblical born-again Christian is not going to believe in evolution. So with each person who enters into the true biblical born-again Christian faith-belief, there is one less person who could believe in the evolution faith-belief. I believe that that is where the true problem lies with you. I believe that it is you who is threatened by the true biblical born again Christian faith-belief because you know that those of us who are of such a strong faith-belief cannot be moved, and that really bothers you.
Debra J.M. Smith - © 08-24-11

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© Debra J.M. Smith