A very astute observation, from a very astute journalist -

      "No Homosexuals at Obama's Ramadan: Why Not?"


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


By now, you have all heard about Obama's Ramadada-ding-dang shing-dang, AKA Ramadan dinner party. However, one very astute journalist who runs www.ElvisNixon.com, made an observation that is very well worth repeating. An excerpt goes as follows:

Were there any “gay” couples invited to the official Obama White House Ramadan meal? Why not? Obama made a great show of having many homosexuals at his “Easter egg roll” rubbing Christians' noses in what he called a "teachable moment" against "the forces of homophobia and hate." Easter is Christianity’s major holy day. Why did he not mock and insult Muslims in the same way? Why did Obama not shove a “teachable moment” into the faces of Muslims?

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Debra J.M. Smith - 08-16-10


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