ABC News Gets It Wrong On Health Care Bill H.R. 3200
Charlie Gibson Calls Speech Against The Bill, "Rhetoric"

August 11, 2009



ABC news has a "FACT" segment of the evening news that took on the opponents of the H.R. 3200 Health Care bill. 

The ABC reporter spoke of the opponents of the bill, saying that we speak of page 16 of the bill, as proof that we will not be able to keep our private health insurance companies.

At first, I was excited, to think that ABC news was actually going to show that, which many of us know is on page 16 of the bill. Then the reporter went on to speak only of a spot on page 17, instead of reading a word from page 16 and declared our claims, "false." 

Just about coming out of my skin, I got on the phone with ABC news. After leaving a rather upset message for one man, I found myself talking with, who appeared to me to be a high up person in the news source. The man, Bradley, calmed me a bit, when he came across as caring and asked me to show him what I was talking about. So, we both brought up H.R. 3200 on our screens.

I showed him that page 16 puts limitations on our private health insurance companies that will force them to fold and won't allow for new customers.

Page 16 says that our current health insurance companies, outside of dependents of current customers, cannot take on new customers. This means that people, seeking new private health care insurance, will not be allowed to get such a plan, because no existing plan will be allowed to take them on.

Page 16 also says that, outside of changes that the law says our current health insurance companies have to make, they cannot make any new changes. This means that the government would take away the control of our private insurance companies, from the companies. This would force them to fold, from lack of growth.

Bradley expressed that there could be new private companies that would allow for new customers. I told him that, such is not in the bill. He said, "But it's not, not in the bill."

Logic says, if our current private health insurance companies are not allowed to take on new customers, that there would be no new companies that would be allowed to, either. Allowing new companies to and not old ones would be discrimination, by our government. Also, I want my company to be able to take on new customers, so that it can grow and thrive in the market. I also want my company to be able to make needed changes, as we the customers show need for. Basically, I don't want the government to take my private health insurance company's liberties away, and I don't want mine taken away, either.

Charlie Gibson Calls Our Views, "Rhetoric"

I suppose, by now I should expect the evening news to be one-sided. But I keep holding out; thinking that they may some day, see that the government has used them against the American people and that if we go down, so do they.

But, one of the first things out of Charlie Gibson's mouth was to call the views of us, who are against the bill, "Rhetoric."

Perhaps Charlie should have stayed on Good Morning America. He was so adorable and lovable in those days. But, ever since he has shown his liberal side, I have to say, I just don't like him anymore.

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