Be Very Careful What "Conservative" PAC You Donate To   

From the looks of its one page PAC website, "Restore Our Future" looks like a true conservative site, asking for your money.

Statements like, "America is at a historical crossroads, yet President Obama has failed to devise real solutions..." and "He has increased the burden on our bottom line through ObamaCare and other government-run programs..." sure make it look like a site worthy of supporting. This is until you learn who it is that the PAC is actually supporting.

The news today is that a mystery donor donated one million dollars to a "Super PAC," created to help Mitt Romney win in 2012. The PAC is "Restore Our Future." According to the FEC, the treasurer for the PAC is Charles R. Spies (Chief Financial Officer and Counsel for Governor Mitt Romney’s 2008 Presidential campaign): Click Here  -To see Spies's website with that (...) info: Click Here  or Click Here to view a picture.

You can click on the "Restore Our Future" picture to see a larger picture of that website page, as it is at the time of the writing of this article. The PAC's website page does not even mention Mitt Romney. Be very careful where you give your money. If not, you could end up supporting the biggest RINO (Republican In Name Only) of all time.
Debra J.M. Smith - © 08-05-11

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© Debra J.M. Smith