Cash For Clunkers 
What Is It? And What Might It Do?
August 04, 2009



I called up my car dealer today, to get the lowdown on the latest "down payment" fad that our government, AKA the American taxpayer is paying for.

It's not enough that I am paying $377.00 car payments a month for my newest car. It is not enough that my tax dollars have already gone to bail out three major car companies. Now, my tax dollars have to pay for other people's new car down payments.

Would they like fries with that? Jeepers!
What gives?

Well, this is what gives, our government. Yes, our government gives quite generously, with money that does not belong to them. So, just how does it work, and why are they doing it?

It works like this:

If you have a 1984 - 2001 car that you have owned and legally operated for the last year, which gets less than 18 miles per gallon of gas, then you could get up $4,500 from U.S. tax payers' money, towards a new car that gets, at least 22 mpg of gas.

Why is our government handing out free money to people, who are willing to trade up for a car that gets at least a whopping FOUR more miles, to a gallon of gas? Good question.

Those in government who are so generous with our money, we generally refer to them, as LIBERALS, claim that it is to help the economy. Well, help it what? Nose dive more quickly?

And just what is going to happen when most of these new car owners, who clearly could not afford a new car payment, a month ago, find that they cannot afford a new car payment in a few months either?

Well, you KNOW what is going to happen. The government is going to take even MORE of our tax money to bail them out of the pinch and save their vehicles, claiming that it was the government's fault that the people got in the pinch to begin with. Does this sound familiar?

This is exactly what happened with the mortgage industry. The government was responsible for getting people in over their heads, with mortgage payments that they could not afford and then felt the need to come in and bail the people out.

One of the problems with the mortage situation, was that people were not having to come up with a down payment, or only having to come up with a very small one. If a person cannot come up with a reasonable down payment, such is a pretty good sign that the person might not be able to pay the payments.

Is this a way for the liberals in government to bring MORE Americans to their knees, financially, so that they, too, will embrace socialism, rather than lose everything? You had better believe it! And you had better get up off your rears and get involved, IF you are not involved already!

For the record: My daughter's car that she purchased, just over a week ago? She put down a good part of the cost of the car, the old fashion way, with her own money that she saved up. Hey, what a concept!

Debra J.M. Smith

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 Debra J.M. Smith