What About Wacko Bob?
July 29, 2009
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Dear Bob,


I don't know why you insist on playing this out in public. Clearly, you want my attention, no doubt. You are behaving like a naughty little kid, pulling on the teacherís skirt. You have said you have emails, implying something. Show them. You have nothing. Whereas I have audio of you on my old shows, one of which is posted above here, audio that shows a very different person towards me, than what you are now portraying. If I was such a horrid person, why did you hang out with me on my shows? If you really believe that I deserved to be kicked off of BTR, then why were you on so many of my shows, right up to the final night? Oh, but you go back and forth on that one. Don't you!

People are sending me emails, asking me everything from, "Why is Bob acting like a jilted lover," to "Did you know the man had it that bad for you?" It is quite embarrassing, to say the least. You are behaving foolishly. --You got your feelings hurt because I was doing some shows with another radio show that you were not on.

I would only be guessing as to the reason why you over-reacted to my working on some projects for another radio show. And I would only be guessing as to why you freaked out over me missing some of my own shows. You were never my partner, nor did we have business dealings, as you are claiming. 


You are also claiming things like that I am for the one world order. Do you really think many people are going to believe that? Most will conclude all else you say is false. Christians are called to spread the true Gospel all over the earth and to expose evil works of darkness. This does NOT equate to the one world order, which is NOT of God. And you have made a stink over my lack of caring that George Tiller (the abortionist) was killed. Do you think that people will find it shocking that a pro-life right wing Christian activist did not shed a tear for a baby killer being killed? Seriously? You will have those who will embrace your every bashing word and welcome you into their clique of fools. For now your show hits will go up, while your new found "friends" file in to see the freak show. You realize that it is not you they are showing up for. I do draw a crowd on BTR. Where is your integrity? You are doing everything that you swore you hated with people that you claimed you could not stand.

And this bull about your mother, is just that, bull! I did not attack your mother. Your mother contacted me and did not even tell me that she's your mother. We had an email exchange, from which she actually came to like me and asked to be put on my mailing list (which I have since removed her, because of you.) After I learned that she's your mother, I asked her about what you were doing, and she was upset with YOU for it. She said she tried to get you to stop, but you would not. Because it was too odd, continuing to email with her, while her son was doing such weird stuff online with my name, I ended up letting her know that I had to stop emailing with her. You live with your mother, which is how you found the original email exchange on her computer. That is too close for my comfort. And I also knew about what YOU told me about her back injury that YOU caused by pushing her years ago. There was no way that I wanted to be the topic of an argument between you and her and you end up hurting her again. --You might have noticed towards the end of our friendship, that I had begun pulling away from you after you told me of you having hurt your mother. It totally freaked me out about you.

As for my daughters. You like to say that I have chosen to bake cookies for them, instead of doing anything else in life. Look around, Bob. I have an entire website that begs to differ with you. The comment that I would make about giving it all up and just baking cookies for the rest of my life, was just my thing that I would say to express how frustrating this work can be. You knew this. But you are in such need to make me sound odd, that you will twist anything and or flat out lie about stuff. So, no, Bob. I do not spend my days baking cookies for my grown daughters. Do you even know how hypocritical it is for you to even imply such a thing, you, a full grown older man, who still lives home with his mother that drives him to and from work every day?  

On the topic of my activism work, it is my work, not yours, and it never was. I do whatever is okay with the Lord to further my work for and all to His glory. I am not in this for play or a pass-time. This is very serious to me. The Lord is who guides me; and the doors that open and close are opened and closed by Him. You need to stop this foolish behavior and correct your wrong. --For the record; the Lord is not telling you to lie about me. So stop saying that you prayed about this, yada yada. What you are doing is sinful and not of the Lord. So if nothing else, stop that lie.

Finally, make note that I don't hate you. I am not even actually mad at you, just very annoyed. You need to get some help. There is something seriously wrong with you. And surrounding yourself with some no-life nut-jobs on BTR that have no problem making anything up so that they can fit in, people who live for gossip-fests, is not helping you in the least.

Get help.



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