Dear Black American - Don't Make Trayvon Your Poster Child
 Don't make a teen thug the face of black America.    

Dear Black American,

Trayvon Martin physically attacked George Zimmerman. If you want to believe that it was wrong for George Zimmerman to profile Trayvon Martin as a possible burglar, fine. But that does not call for the man to be beaten.

Personally, I don't believe George Zimmerman was wrong for viewing Trayvon Martin as a possible burglar. And if at this time, you are looking at my picture and saying, "I'm sure you don't, white-lady," then I suggest you look at yourself as being a person who racially profiles. I am not saying he 'racially' profiled. I am saying he profiled Trayvon's behavior that night, out in the rain and looking around, not appearing to be going anywhere specific.

As it came out, Trayvon Martin did put off a tough-guy, gangster attitude on his facebook page. He showed pictures of himself blowing out pot smoke and flipping both middle fingers for the camera. There were also very vulgar comments made on his Twitter account and info on his cell phone that only made him look all the worse. If he was willing to go onto social media and make himself look the part of a thug, why would it surprise anyone that he would carry himself in such a manner out in that neighborhood that evening or anywhere out? --Also, it turns out that his school did catch him with stolen jewelry that had been stolen during a home invasion. The school, being concerned about how it would make the school look, turned the jewelry in and just said it was "found."

But even if you still want to believe Zimmerman was wrong for thinking Trayvon might have been up to no good, it does not justify beating the man's head in. And ask yourself just how many times of getting your head smashed into a cement sidewalk would it take for you to fear for your life? One time, would be all it would take for me.

Now, some people have suggested that Zimmerman had his gun out from the start. If that were the case, then how did Trayvon get away with beating Zimmerman? If that gun had been in Zimmerman's hand from the start, then surely either Trayvon would have gotten shot sooner or the gun would have never stayed in Zimmerman's hand during such a beating. And it was also said that a man saw it was Zimmerman on the bottom, which only make sense then, that it was Zimmerman yelling for help. If he had the gun in his hand the entire time, why would he have not shot Trayvon sooner, or at least shot the gun sooner?

The only wounds on Trayvon besides the gun shot wound that took his life, were skinned knuckles. That kid was winning, not losing. That kid was the attacker, not the one attacked. A blind person could see that the person being beaten, was the one with all of the head and face injuries.

Some people have suggested that Trayvon had a right to beat a man who he thought was following him. Really? And these are the same people who want to do away with "Stand Your Ground" laws. Why should it have been okay for Trayvon to beat George so badly that at any time a blow could have killed George, for looking suspicious, but it was not okay for George to be looking at or following Trayvon, who he believed looked suspicious? And why is it okay for Trayvon to protect himself, but not George, when it was George who actually came under physical attack?

Who in this was truly the racially profiled person? That would be George Zimmerman. He was profiled because he looked white. He was profiled by Trayvon (his friend, Rachel said he called George a "cracker.") And the media and black activists went after George, thinking he was white. As it turned out, he is not even white. He is Hispanic. How can this be a white on black thing, when neither of these males are/were white?

Then there is Trayvon's 19 year old friend, Rachel, who was 18 at the time. Have you listened closely to what she said on the stand and in an interview that took place after the trial? On the stand, she said that when she suggested to Trayvon that the man might be a rapist, that Trayvon responded in a way that showed he was not scared. She also said that one of the reasons she did not go to Trayvon's funeral was because she felt guilty (she said it was because she was the last one to talk to him.)  Then in the interview, while speaking on the topic of her suggestion that the man might be a rapist, she changed her story and made out that what she said might have made Trayvon scared. Then she explained that boys who are not "that kind of way" (meaning homosexual) can get upset in such a situation... --This is when it became clear that she and Trayvon thought the man was a homosexual. -- I had from the time she was on the stand believed that what she was really feeling guilty about, was that she probably encouraged Trayvon to fight. Then she confirmed this thought in me, when she said in the interview, while talking about not going to the funeral, that she did not put him in that casket. That is an odd thing to say, unless she is feeling guilty.

Some other facts:

1-Rachel claimed to have heard Trayvon say "Get off me," before the phone went dead. Yet she did not call the police or even inquire about her friend over the weekend. That sounds more like a person who believed her friend was getting the better of the other guy, not the other way around.

2-It took Trayvon's father 20 times of listening to the recording of the screams for help for him to finally say it was his son, Trayvon.

3-Not a one teacher or school friend (besides 19 year-old Rachel) or church person or neighbor got on the stand and said what a nice kid Trayvon was. No one, not a single person came to speak up for him.

4-It came out in the trial that Trayvon did not live with either parent. He lived with a woman who was at one time in a relationship with his father. These parents are filled with guilt. That is the real reason they are going so far with this. They know their son went bad. And they know they failed him.

Please don't let Trayvon be the face of black America. There are far better blacks in America. There are far better black teens in America. Here is a black teen who should be seen as the face of black America, as someone for black America to be proud of, 15 year old Temar Boggs: Click Here --This is a good guy. Pat him on the back, and show black teen boys that white America does not see them as Trayvons, but rather as whomever they present themselves to be.  

Debra J.M. Smith 07-27-13


 Debra J.M. Smith