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July 22, 2009




1) Mayo Clinic Calls House Plan, Bad Medicine:

 Medicine: Washington Times Excerpt: A world-renowned clinic that President Obama held up as an example of good medicine said Monday that the American people would be "losers" under the House's health care proposal, joining the growing chorus of critics the Obama administration is trying to fend off as the debate intensifies from Capitol Hill to Main Street.

Minnesota's not-for-profit Mayo Clinic, which Mr. Obama has repeatedly hailed as offering top quality care at affordable costs, blasted the House Democrats' version of the health care plan as lawmakers continue to grapple with several bills from each chamber and multiple committees.

The Mayo Clinic said there are some positive elements of the bill, but overall "the proposed legislation misses the opportunity to help create higher quality, more affordable health care for patients."

"In fact, it will do the opposite," clinic officials said, because the proposals aren't [R]patient-focused or results-oriented. "The real losers will be the citizens of the United States."

All day, Republicans took aim at Mr. Obama's weak spot as surveys showed that his poll numbers were slipping on the issue. Republican National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele charged that the president's plan amounts to a "reckless experiment," dubbing it "socialism."

DJMS - Commentary: Hey, Obama! Get out of my health-care! And while you’re at it, GET OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE! You do not qualify to be the president, as per the U.S. Constitution and you know it!

Hey, do you all want to know some of what is in that "health care" bill? An ex-lieutenant governor of my state, New York, has read the entire bill and has some very interesting findings. No matter what, our government is not to take over any industry, such is wrong to begin with, but find out what Obama really is up to in that "health care" bill and why he is trying to rush it along: http://www.defendyourhealthcare.us/



2) Fired Inspector General Fights Back:

Washington Times Excerpt: The inspector general President Obama fired last month filed a lawsuit Friday to get his job back, claiming the firing was politically motivated and broke a 2008 law governing how watchdogs can be dismissed.

Gerald Walpin, inspector general of the Corporation for National and Community Service, was removed June 10. In a letter telling Congress of his decision, Mr. Obama said he no longer had confidence in Mr. Walpin, but did not elaborate.

Mr. Walpin says he was fired because he targeted an Obama supporter, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, in a successful investigation that resulted in Mr. Johnson and an academy on which he formerly served as executive director repaying half the $847,000 it received in government grants.

DJMS - Commentary: It isn't hard to see what went on here. Obama, who thinks he is King of America, got upset that the Inspector General had the nerve to go against an Obama supporter that has a lot of money.

I will keep saying it. Obama is not really the president, because he does not qualify to be, as per the U.S. Constitution. When will we get him out of office? Let's hope we don't have to wait till 2012.

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