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Good Move For Sarah Palin
July 9, 2009


I believe that it was a very good move for Sarah Palin to resign, all things considered. Please consider the following:


1) The lawsuits brought against her as Governor, were costing the State of Alaska and there appeared to not be an end in sight. Sarah has shown great care and love for her state, to put an end to the costly situation. It is well known that extreme liberals, once they get their teeth into someone, will not let go. She took control and ended the situation for the better of her state.


2) By passing the job on to Alaska's Lieutenant Governor, Sarah has, again, shown great care for her state. This move, gives Alaska's Lieutenant Governor a great opportunity to show that he is worthy of the job of Governor, before the 2010 elections, hopefully insuring his election and keeping a republican in office. This move shows Sarah to be a team player, not a self-glory seeker. Sarah is, all for the good of the people.


3) Whether Sarah chooses to run for a senate seat, to run for president, or to simply be one of the best right-wing Christian activists this country has ever seen, she is now free to do her best, while not leaving Alaska with a Governor in-name-only for the remainder of her term.

If Sarah is planning to do something politically for our country, we need her to get started ASAP. Waiting till the end of her term as governor, would have most likely been too late. Now she can devote all of her political work time to her new political endeavor(s), should America be so blessed.

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 Debra J.M. Smith