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The state of Arizona is being sued over a state law that defends their state from illegal immigration. The suit has been brought by our very incompetent Federal government, via our very incompetent justice department, due to our very incompetent jackass (aka democrat) in the White House.

Here's the next-to-the bottom line. If Arizona loses, not only will the citizens of that state lose their God-given right to defend themselves, but every citizen in every state in America will lose this basic right. What is true for Arizona, in this case, is true for every state in the Union, all 50 states, or 57 in Obama's case.

The very bottom line: You can be a part of history and defend this great nation from a federal government gone mad. You can donate to Arizona's fight to protect its own state and set things right for the freedom of all states
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Debra J.M. Smith -  07-08-10
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 Debra J.M. Smith