Unemployment Extensions - Don't Trust The Feds

      Democrats Buying Votes With Unemployment Extensions 


Last month over one million unemployed citizens had the rug pulled out from under them when their extended unemployment checks were suddenly cut off. Many are now blaming the Republicans in the government for the hold out.

One blog said, "This November, the Senators who voted against the bill will be remembered by the MILLIONS who don't have to take time off work to vote." And the comments showed a very angry crowd, largely angry with Republicans: Click Here

However Republicans, on a whole, are not to blame here. It is the Democrats who have made people way too dependent on the government. The Democrats did this by extending the unemployment checks so far out to begin with. Had the Democrats not done this, many more people would have found jobs by now. And let's not forget who largely caused the bottom to fall out of the economy. If you are  unemployed, don't be so quick to thank the liberals who are very much to blame for you being unemployed to begin with.


Many people stopped looking for jobs when it appeared that they would be collecting checks until the economy returns to normal. Then the government cut them off. And fact is, even if the government does extend unemployment checks again, sooner or later, it is going to end. It will end, or America will go full blown socialist/communist, and the government will then tell everyone who is on unemployment what job they will be required to do. Socialism is socialism, for any reason. This has gone beyond, that which unemployment insurance is supposed to be. This has turned into one more way for the government to cause citizens to be dependent on the government. Unemployment insurance was never meant to be that.


But before that happens, the Republicans are going to be made out to be the bad-guys in this, so that the Democrats keep both houses again. This is all a ploy to get votes in November. I had wondered how the Democrats were going to get votes after what they did with the health care bill. Democrats are buying votes with extending unemployment checks.

Welfare With A New Name


To those who are on unemployment; don't let the liberals in our government use you all this way. Be careful of the one who comes bearing free money. Remember it is a job that you should be wanting, not a government check. Keep looking. The government will keep you poor on unemployment checks, just as it keeps people poor on welfare checks. It stopped being unemployment insurance, once it passed the original amount of time to receive checks. Don't trust the government. While you are reaching for extended unemployment checks, the liberals in the government are reaching for your mind, body and soul and your everlasting loyalty. --Please ask yourself, "Now that it is no longer true unemployment insurance checks, but rather a new government program, where is the money actually coming from?" Then ask yourself why you are getting it. And remember, America's government is not actually paying you those extended checks; America's children are. Let's hope they don't pay with their freedom. Let's get out and get work and tell the government you don't want the newest form of welfare.

Debra J.M. Smith -  07-03-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith