Why Liberals Still Defend The Communist In The White House  

Liberals are not very wise people. They kiss the hand that keeps them oppressed. They defend the ones who desire to keep them in a place of low-degree.

Liberals have the morals of a gnat. Now, you might say that gnats don't have morals. And to that I'd say, that is exactly my point.

Think about what liberals believe: They believe that it is okay to kill an unborn baby. They believe that sex outside of a true man/woman marriage is just fine. They believe that it is good to steal money from people, to give to others (they will actually claim that Jesus would want such thievery.) They do not believe in defending the defenseless, while they defend the perpetrators. And they desire to live like pack animals, opting for mob-rule, instead of appreciating, defending and upholding the U.S. Constitution. They actually want people in office who bastardize the constitution and do whatever fits their anti-constitutional idea of what they feel America should be. 

It is like it is backwards day, all the days of a liberal's life.

So where does the problem lie? Well the problem lies in that they don't know the Lord, or if they do know the Lord, they are either very backslidden or they have simply never gotten out of their spiritual pampers. But the fact is, someone who walks with the Lord and is growing in grace and knowledge could simply not be a liberal. The problem with America is a spiritual problem. This is why the liberals still defend the communist in the White House.
Debra J.M. Smith -  06-30-11

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 Debra J.M. Smith