Michele Bachmann Feels The Lord's Leading To 2012 Elections  

I like the way that Michele Bachmann explained to CBS News’ Bob Schieffer, her belief that the Lord puts things on the heart of a believer and that the believer gets a "sense" that God is leading the believer in a certain direction.

Michele said, “If I pray, a calling means that I have a sense from God which direction I’m supposed to go.  It means I have a sense of assurance about the direction I think that God is speaking into my heart that I should go.” This is a much better way to explain a calling, than I have heard her speak of in the past.

There is a video online that shows Michele giving a type of testimony on how she came to be where she is at now, in her political journey. That video had not set well with me. It was what some of us Christians call, "Way out there."

So it is nice to have this sort-of follow-up to what she had said before. It better clarifies her beliefs on the topic in a manner that weighs better on my heart. However, I would like to hear her follow such up with saying that an inward impulse needs to line up with the word of God, never go against it in order for a believer to give mind to it.

I am not moving quickly this election season on showing public support for anyone who is running, but I do feel much better about Michele Bachmann today, than I did yesterday.  But goodness help her, if she gets involved in any way, shape or form, with that awful wolf, Rick Warren. I do not believe that the Lord blesses any Christian's footsteps that go off the "right" path.
Debra J.M. Smith - © 06-28-11

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