Liberals Use New York Homosexual Marriage For Cuomo 2016  

Liberals are looking at New York's Governor Cuomo for a possible run in 2016, using his unconstitutional homosexual marriage law that was purchased with backroom deals as his running platform.

Well, the fact is, sin only has a season. And let's hope that Cuomo's season comes to an end long before the 2016 elections. One of the last things this country needs is another fool in The White House.

The New York homosexual marriage law that Cuomo signed a few days ago should be his undoing, eventually, just as it was Mitt Romney's in Massachusetts. But, as I said, let's hope that it happens long before 2016.

Here's the fact of it: The devil is pleased as pie to help people get into sin. But once they are there, he has far more fun smearing that sin into the sinners' faces, than allowing them to feel comfortable with their actions.

This is actually why we see homosexuals never satisfied, always pushing that line. It is because the only time they feel that pleasure, is when they are fighting for the sin, going deeper into the sin, hitting that next level. If and when they pause for a while, they just cannot get comfortable. --Sin is like a drug addiction. Eventually what you are doing is just not giving you that fix.

Cuomo's sins will find him out eventually. It is inevitable. It is just a matter of time.
Debra J.M. Smith -  06-27-11

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 Debra J.M. Smith