New York Legislature Passes Homosexual Marriage Bill 

With the passing of a homosexual marriage bill in the New York Senate tonight, all that was left was for our pro-homosexuality governor to sign it into law, which he wasted no time doing. I suddenly feel so awful, living in this state. The New York State slogan was, "I love New York." But now, "I cry for New York." This is pitiful, just pitiful.

It is a sad day for my state.  
We can now count on the same atrocities that are happening in Massachusetts public schools to happen in our public schools. And that is the teaching of homosexual "parents" to children as young as kindergarten. (I highly suggest Christians home school their children. It works. I did it and both of my daughters now have bachelor degrees and are in grad-school.) 
We can also now expect people of faith-belief
s that go against homosexuality, to get tied up in lawsuits, brought about by homosexuals who believe they have the right to force us into forced-servitude to them. For example, a person who owns a bakery will risk being sued if he/she does not agree to make a wedding cake for a homosexual "marriage." 
We can also expect to see more and more of the perversion in public places and more risky "gay parades," than there already are in this state.  
Homosexuals will seek more and more hate-laws, until they take our freedom to speak against them away, while they get more and more in our faces and behave more and more cruel towards those of us who want nothing to do with them and want them to stop ruining society and corrupting children. 
Bottom line is that this is not just about their marriage-lie; it is about furthering their agenda, for the next step in taking rights away from those of us who disagree with them. 
If you feed a monster it only grows bigger and hungrier. Don't ever believe that you can satisfy it.

Debra J.M. Smith -  06-24-11

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 Debra J.M. Smith