They are really taking us way back -
                   Liberal Progressive - An Uncivilized People


Liberals want us to be a progressive people. But they are actually taking us way back to a time in history that we had "progressed" out of. 

We became an uncivilized people when we began killing our babies. We became a people that serves false gods when we stopped fearing the living one. We became an animalistic people when we accepted perversion and allowed it to be out loud and proud in the streets and the schools and in our homes, via televisions and computers. We became a people in bondage when we adopted entitlement programs to spread the wealth. We became a savage people, when we began picketing in the streets for that which we did not earn. We became an uneducated people when we put wealth before the raising of our children and allowed evolution, among other idiotic things to be indoctrinated into their young minds. We stopped being a truthful people when lies became more convenient.

The progress of today is a trip back to before we were a civilized people. True progress happened in 1776.

Debra J.M. Smith - 06-21-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith