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D.C. Gay Marriage Referendum Rejected by Elections Board
June 16, 2009 

Washington City Paper: The Board of Elections and Ethics has ruled that a referendum on recognizing gay marriages is not allowed. Click Here
Commentary: This means that the people will not be allowed to vote on the issue of homosexual marriage in Washington D.C.

In other words, it is just a matter of a vote by the D. C. Council, for homosexual marriages to be legal in Washington D.C.

If this country hits bottom, it will be due to God's own people being complacent and allowing it to happen. The lack of caring, by God's people is sickening! God will not be mocked.

If God's people want to continue on this road of allowing the wicked to destroy this nation, then God will allow this nation to fall! I for one am not going to just give up and let the wicked take our land! It is time to take this nation back for our Lord and our children!


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 Debra J.M. Smith