Whose Transparency Was Obama Speaking Of    

Little did Americans know whose transparency Obama was speaking of, when he said the following on a page at WhiteHouse.gov. "Government should be transparent.  Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their Government is doing." –No doubt, the recent events have done just that.

We now know that Barack Obama has turned our government into a surveillance state. Here is what Wikipedia says about a surveillance state: "The surveillance state is a government's surveillance of large numbers of citizens and visitors. Such widespread surveillance is most usually justified as being necessary to prevent crime or terrorism. The growth of state surveillance has led to concerns about the erosion of privacy and civil liberties, and also to worries that over-reliance on such measures may lead to complacency by law enforcement officers."

Wikipedia sure seems to know what is all about. 

The government is keeping tabs of our phone calls, charge card purchases, banking, health care, and internet activities. The government says such does not violate the 4th amendment, claiming that the information is being obtained by third-party entities, not directly from us. And the government used the threat of imprisonment of members of the third-party entities, by way of "gag orders" if they breathed a word of the spying being done by them.

Yes, this sure has provided us with more knowledge of what our government is doing. Our government has gone from twisting our constitution, to blatantly lying about it. And it has turned into the biggest bully going. What our government is doing, is the equivalent of walking up to any individual and ordering that person to spy on his employer and to hand over all info on his employer to the government, with the threat of imprisonment if he speaks up about what is happening.

The minute an individual or business complies with such an order to spy on American citizens, that person or business becomes an extension of the government. Hence, the 4th amendment still applies. This means that we have all had our 4th amendment right to no unlawful search violated by our government. I do not know about all others, but I do not like what our government has become

Debra J.M. Smith 06-14-13


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