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                                      Are all conservative are in danger!
                                           "Punched By A Liberal" 

A union organizer socialist black liberation activist attacked a white conservative tea party leader. It turns out that is who the man is, seen in an online video (click here) punching Nathan Tabor, a member of a North Carolina peaceful protest against another bailout. If this were the other way around, all major networks would be covering this story and all hell would be breaking out in the streets over it.

His name is Govenor Spencer. You might want to write that down. Something tells me that we are going to be hearing a lot more about this man. Online news sources show that Govenor Spencer is all that and a slice of lemon pie.

Clearly this man did not just happen upon a peaceful conservative protest, then get out of his car and lose his cool with the locally well known conservative activist and author, Nathan Tabor. Clearly Govenor Spencer purposed himself to show up and cause trouble. Both men were charged in this incident. I spoke with Nathan Tabor by phone today, and it is still unknown as to why he was charged. Nathan said that even the local news paper reported that it was wrong that he had been charged.

In an interview with FOX News (click here), Nathan mentioned the possibility of Govenor Spencer having taken Obama seriously, when Obama had told supporters to go and get into neighbors' faces and argue with them, basically do his bidding. The interviewer did not want to think that Obama meant it seriously. But I listened to the video of Obama, which turns out to have taken place during his 2008 presidential campaign. And I believe that is exactly what Obama meant. (click here)

Oh but this gets even better. Spencer just happens to have an attorney, Joe Williams, who had a big part in helping the local D.A., Doug Henderson get elected. Williams is already trying to put a sour taste in any prospective juror's mouth, by issuing the following statement: “We are going to deal with this in the courtroom. Mr. Tabor is going to find out that being wealthy doesn’t make a difference in a courtroom.” Nothing like a little pre juror tampering, to get people in the county to view Nathan Tabor as a rich white man, picking on a poor black man. I'm thinking that there is plenty of that lemon pie to go around.

I believe that Nathan Tabor was charged in order to gain a bargaining tool to get Govenor Spencer out of trouble. Charges by Nathan's wife, Mrs. Tabor, against Spencer for physically going after her with pushes, would fix this mess right up.

The video clearly shows Govenor Spencer starting the trouble and going after Mrs. Tabor. Nathan Tabor then pushed Spencer off of Mrs. Tabor; and then Spencer swung a punch. (The video also shows that Spencer had first tried to get Nathan Tabor to fight, by pushing Nathan, before pushing Nathan's wife. When that did not work, Spencer went after Mrs. Tabor.)
It is also clear that Nathan was not an aggressor in the situation, in that even after Nathan was punched, he simply backed away from Spencer. I see a true gentleman in Nathan Tabor. He got the attacker off of his wife and took the attacker's abusive behavior on himself and did not even punch the attacker back. He did only that which was necessary to protect his wife, keeping his cool and composure though it all.

Debra J.M. Smith - 06-12-10   

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