Health Care For All
Good Health Care For Few

June 12, 2009 

As a rule, the way good health care has been in this country is “Those who can pay for it, get it.” But if the liberals get their way, which it looks like they are getting, those of us who can and do pay, will have no better care than those who do not pay.

At first glance, a person may say that no one should get better health care than someone else gets. Perhaps in a perfect world: But this is not a perfect world. There is not enough quality health care to go around, and if there were, there would not be enough money to pay for it. Eventually, the government would have to take over the medical profession and govern wages, on top of everything else. No matter what, all universal health care will do is make the government choose who can and cannot get the care they need and in a timely manner. 

People who are willing to give up the liberty to work and pay for better health care than the next guy has, often say that they should not get better health care than the next person. Those people need to think twice about what they are willing to give up. I don't know anyone who is willing to forgo an emergency appendectomy, because someone else in this country may not be able to get one.

Throughout the history of this great nation, Americans have had the liberty to work hard to get ahead. Americans have had the liberty to get better, than that, which not working hard had to offer. Nothing was off limits. 


Americans have had the blessing of liberty to work hard and put better food on their tables, better roofs over their heads, better clothes on their backs, and yes, to even acquire better medical care. Our government was and still is to secure this blessing of liberty, as per the preamble of the U.S. Constitution.

Creating a situation that puts restraints on this liberty hinders this blessing of liberty. Taking our money, earned by us and giving it to others (redistribution of the wealth), does not secure this blessing, but rather it hinders and makes a mockery of it.

Many people, who voted for Obama, made out that he "deserved" to be president, that he had "earned" it. And of course, Obama now has the best of everything. He has designer suits, numerous chefs and all the food he ever wants, the best roof in the country to live under, and numerous doctors that are there for his every possible need.

I am going to sum this up, with two questions:

1) Since when do we live in a monarchy?

2) Since when do we live in a country that says our "leaders" can work hard to acquire the best of the best, but we, as their "subjects," cannot have anything more or better than the next guy?

Debra J.M. Smith

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