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Bill O'Reilly

The Killing of Doctor Tiller
June 09, 2009 

Washington Times Excerpt: The liberal outcry over the murder of Dr. George Tiller, the late-term abortion doctor from Kansas, demonstrates exactly where American discourse is going. Shot dead in a church by an anti-government militant, Dr. Tiller did not deserve his fate. Even though the man destroyed an estimated 60,000 fetuses that could have lived outside the womb, he was an American citizen entitled to protection. No matter what you think about abortion, it is a sad day for the country when vigilantism takes a life: Click Here

Commentary: Wrong choice, Bill! You cannot on one hand be so angry at Dr. George Tiller and on the other hand defend him! Who ever your advisers are, should be fired! Get off the fence! Why are so many famous right-winger people scared to say that, which is the obvious! --Had someone thought to shoot Hitler, millions of Jews would have been spared terrible deaths! I am so sick of these people talking as if this killing was of an innocent man. I don't care how Dr. Tiller died; I am just glad he died. Do I like that people are going to try to silence us right-wingers because of the way Tiller died? No, I don't like that part of it. But, I am NOT going to act like some awful thing happened, just to try to stop people from silencing us. And I would like FAR less, that any more babies would have died at that monster's hands! Legally, unless a person actually tells someone to go out and kill a person, that person has not committed a crime by talking against another person. We have free speech in this nation. And I am going to exercise mine. The man lived the life of wickedness, so it is not shocking that someone who had it in him to kill such a person did! I won't say if I do or don't condone it, just that I am glad the monster is gone!


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