Louise Slaughter Went To Washington D.C. To Kill Babies

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter reintroduced a bill that would give women in the military the ability to get an abortion on-base in cases of rape.

While speaking of the Republicans' desire to defund Planned Parenthood, Louise Slaughter accused the newest Republican members of congress of having gone to Washington D.C. to kill women. (She likes lying about people in such a manner. I found that out personally, while fighting her over the health care bill.) Well the truth is, Louise Slaughter went to Washington D.C. to kill babies.

I'll say it again, " Louise Slaughter went to Washington D.C. to kill babies."

Louise Slaughter is the most pro-abortion congress-person in D.C. She never quits. She actually took the floor over "Tiller the baby killer," and whined over his loss of life in his "church," saying that a church should be a safe place for a [baby killer]. I recall wishing I could have been there to yell out, "A womb should be a safe place for a baby!"

Babies are no less human if they came to be due to rape. I will never forget a Phil Donahue show that featured people who had come to be from rape. They were the nicest, most sweet people and very thankful to be alive. Their message was to please not kill others like them. --And let's remember what abortion-on-demand is. It is a brutal killing of an innocent baby, brutal! It is no more okay to brutally kill a baby of rape, than it is to kill any baby.

We need to fight this. Even if some conservatives do not agree with me that rape babies should be just as protected as any other babies, those "some" should agree that allowing abortions of any kind to take place on our military bases, is not only a step in the wrong direction in ending abortion-on-demand, but that the next step would be abortions for any reason. This is how the liberals do things, one step at a time. Check out the bill and see who the current cosponsors are: Click Here.

Debra J.M. Smith -  06-08-11

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 Debra J.M. Smith