Romney Tries To Be Reagan With "Believe in America" Campaign

So Romney wants to echo Ronald Reagan's legacy of having taught Americans to "Believe in America." Well, Mitt Romney is no Ronald Reagan.

President Reagan spoke of true conservatism being a three-legged stool: social conservatism, fiscal conservatism, and defense conservatism. Romney's governorship in MA broke two of those legs off of the stool, the social and the fiscal legs. 
Fiscal Conservatism: Would never include government ran health care, of any kind. And we all know about the Romney Care that is in place in Massachusetts.  
Social C
onservatism: This would include being conservative when it comes to the issues of abortion and homosexuality, both of which Romney greatly furthered in Massachusetts as governor.  
Romney is a flip-flopper on the abortion issue, which he once said he was pro-abortion because of a relative who wanted one. Then while seeking the Republican nomination for the 2008 elections, he suddenly became pro-life, but not fully. He said that he was pro-life while talking about embryonic stem cell research; but nothing was said about abortion on demand. He left that little loophole open for a later flip-flop. 
Romney is the father of homosexual marriage in Massachusetts. He had gone on record while running for governor, as having said he would do more for homosexuals in that state. And he did just that. He declared homosexual marriage legal in MA, when that state's constitution did not give him the authority to. He later claimed that he thought he had to do it, when a court had handed down an opinion in favor of getting a law passed in favor of it. The blame-game apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 
Mitt Romney's father also played that blame-game. While running against Nixon in the primaries, it came out that he had made a bad comment about the Vietnam War. So he claimed he had been brainwashed. As a result of that comment, he lost the primary election to Nixon. --But he should never have been able to run to begin with, because he was not born here. 
George W. Romney (Mitt's father) was born in Mexico. He was born there because his ancestors fled America when America made a law against plural marriages.  
George W. Romney's grandparents were polygamists and left with their children, who would have included George’s father. As a result, George (Mitt’s father) was born in Mexico. Some will say that because the grandparents had George's father in America, that such would make George an American. That would be the case, if George had been born while his parents had a residency here in the states and just happened to be in Mexico when he was born. But that was not the case. That family had left America.  
The reason we need natural born citizens as presidents, is so that they do not have an allegiance to another country. Mitt Romney could have a desire to allow all of the illegal Mexicans to be allowed to stay here. –And sad to say, if that were to be the case, amnesty would be the only thing he would actually have in common with Reagan

Debra J.M. Smith - © 06-02-11

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