Megyn Kelly Attacks Erick Erickson, Lou Dobbs on Women's Role 
Shame on you, Megyn Kelly!  

Shame on you, Megyn Kelly, for playing the race card! This has NOTHING to do with race! You sound like a dog-gone liberal! --I suppose when it suits your needs, you become just like them!

And shame on you for implying that women at home do not work.

When you use the terms, "mothers who work" and "mothers who stay at home," your wording is saying that mothers who stay at home do not work. Don't kid yourself, Megyn!

Let me shed some light on this for you, "Ms." Kelly-Libber. It takes far more to stay at home and actually raise your own children, than it does to put on your pretty little dress and matching high-heels and walk out that door every morning, leaving the most important JOB in the world for someone else to do.

The reason you have your back up is because these two men are right. Children do much better when a mother is home.  A woman can work outside the house and do well, yes. But the more she is home, the better her children will do in life.

And I do not say this just as a mother who stayed home and even schooled her daughters at home. I say this as a mother of two daughters who are currently in grad-school. We talk a lot about what might happen if and when they marry and have children. We don't know how God would work things out, but we know the goal would be for them to be home as much as possible training up their own children.

And on another note! SHAME ON YOU for defending homosexual "marriages" and homosexual raising of children!

Debra J.M. Smith 05-31-13


 Debra J.M. Smith