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Marie Osmond Excepting of Lesbian Daughter
May 28, 2009 - 3:00 PM ET

As a kid, I loved the Osmonds. It is amazing how we change, as we learn and get educated. The Osmonds are in a cult, nothing more than a cult. Marie Osmond's daughter coming out as a lesbian is no shocker to me.

I will begin with the Mormonism reason. When a family does not worship the true God, in truth, through Jesus Christ, that family has a foundation of sand.

Jesus is the Rock that every family needs to be built on. If you are not sure what the Mormon religion believes, click here. That is an article of mine.

The bible teaches parents to train up children, the way that they should go and that when they are older, they will not depart. The first and most basic thing in this teaching is to train them up in a home that worships the true God and in truth, not in a cult religion. If you do not have this foundation, then you're sunk.

The other reason that I believe her daughter turned against heterosexuality, is I believe Marie has a body image disorder, one that is shared by many famous women, like Cher. As a result, it stands to reason that daughters to these women may just give up on being feminine, rather than go through what mom goes through.

As for Marie being excepting of her daughter coming out as a lesbian, such seems to be a manipulative behavior, to stop people from attacking her. If she shows herself to be axcepting of her daughter being a lesbian, homosexuals and other liberals will take it easier on her, for being in a religion that slams homosexuality.

Some have said that she is now fine with homosexual marriage. But she has not said that. What she has said is that she believes in civil rights for all. The question is; what does she consider to be civil rights? At first, I thought this was meaning she was for their rights, as we all have them. But then it hit me. She could be meaning that she is okay with a civil marriage for homosexuals.

"Civil rights," does not and should not, translate to "civil marriages" for homosexuals. This is because homosexual marriage is a lie, just as marriages with animals would be a lie. However, people are splitting hairs over this. People today, are claiming that it is a civil right for homosexuals to marry.

It would appear that it is very possible, Marrie Osmond is one of those people who are splitting hairs over this. It is very possible that she is okay with civil marriage for homosexuals. This would explain how it is that the Osmonds get along so well, with Oprah.

One thing that is very clear is what Marie Osmond has not said. She has not said that it is okay for homosexuals to marry in the Mormon church.

Debra J.M. Smith

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 Debra J.M. Smith