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Another One Bites The Dust
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Bring It On Baby!
An Update On A Scammer
Tuesday 05-26-09

B.A. Brooks, the man over to the right in the photo, was a guest on a radio show that I called into the other night. While he and the host were talking, I went to his website, www.uaff.us, which stands for, United American Freedom Foundation. Don't let the name fool you about the site or about him.

I exposed him on the show as a scammer. He has since sent me an email, threatening to sue me on the grounds of HR1966. Yes, this man who claims that he is going to take on the one-world order, says he is going to sue me for online child bullying. If nothing else, this is a riot. But be ware of his scam

At the time, his website had a big money request button in the middle of that, which was a sorry excuse for a front page of a website. It had two other big picture links that took you to, even more, sorry excuses of web pages. It's changed some.

The site was all about getting money, with a bunch of links to other peoples' work, from asking for mega-bucks in donations, to silly seed ads, to online books. The site was a joke. And it still is.

B.A. Brooks has made some changes to his web site. He has removed his big money request button from his front page and posted a load of, what he calls, "hard copy" books on the front page, along with the link for his online books that I had seen the other day on his site. You see, I mentioned in the audio that what I had found the other day, were online books. I suppose, he thinks that posting these paperback, so called, "books," on his front page, suddenly makes him an "accomplished" author of hard copy books. Oh, think again, B.A. Brooks. It just means that you have a company who will print off your, goodness only knows what, and sell them for you, for a fee.

I have since found a page online that has his, "paper backs," some were under twenty pages long: click here. I called the 800 number. It is nothing more than a shabby place for anyone to use. I have a couple poetry and quotes "books" registered with the Library of Congress. Such does not make me an accomplished writer of hard copy books. I get publishers offering to run off copies of my books. But such would not do the trick, in and of itself, either.

His site now makes you have to join the site, to see what is on most of the other pages. I saw some of those pages and they were for the most part, just a bunch of ads, money donation buttons and links to other peoples' work. As a matter of fact, I play on the above audio of mine, some of an audio of his from one of those pages that had him saying that the work was others' and that you could do your own research. So, if his "books" are anything like his web pages that I saw, oh my!

It turns out that B.A. Brooks has and has had other sites. In 2007, he boasted on a web page (click here), "I own and Operate The World Media Watch Television Network." Yes, do you want to check that site out now? www.worldmediawatch.org --See below for a screen shot picture of the page online that shows his boasting of that site that is, no more. He sure does have a way with naming sites, to sound real important. Doesn't he?

He also has a site called, Survival City USA: http://www.survivalcityusa.com/ --See the picture, below, of the top, front page of that site. And check out the prices of those two water systems. Yes, the one is plastic and rocks. And below this pic, notice a picture of the page (click here) that sells his U.A.F.F. plaque that he speaks of in the interview (heard on my audio). Check out the cost of that. Could you imagine someone thinking that this site is more than it is, actually buying one of those and then learning the truth?

Be sure to listen to the above audio that shows me busting him and him running like a girlie girl. It is a riot. He is true to his looks. Speaking of his looks, I have to ask you. Do you see what I see, when looking as his picture? Ya, I think the word really got out that there is money to be made in the "right" wing movement. 

In response to his email threat to sue me, I asked him if he even knew what HR1966 is and told him to make sure he spells my name right, that I have two middle initials. I also gave him my business phone number to give his lawyer. Some of you may recall how I love to talk to lawyers. I believe that last person who wrongly sought to involve me in a law suit, had to find another lawyer after I got done talking to the first one. I was not brought into the suit again.


As for B.A. Brooks, I have already received email "thanks" for exposing him. Not everyone has the means to expose a scammer. I am happy to have been able to help and hope my work saves some people from some upset.

I will keep you posted on what is sure to be the court case of the century. Do you think I should take up donations for my defense?

Debra J.M. Smith
Ps...B.A. Brooks, THIS is what investigative journalism REALLY is! Enjoy!

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