Anti-Transgender Speech Gets Radio Show Hosts Fired

The city of Rochester, New York will now be providing health insurance that will pay for transgender surgery. And two well known local radio show hosts, Kimberly and Beck learned the hard way that speech against such is viewed as hateful by the station owners and worthy of losing their livelihoods.

The hosts who were hired to give their opinions on topics were fired for giving their own opinions instead of seeking out the opinions of the owners and giving those opinions instead. In other words, they were fired for not being liberal host puppets.

The station is 98.9 "The Buzz." So how about we all give them a BUZZ and let them know how we feel about them stacking the deck for transgenders:
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Or we can pop over to their facebook page and put a BUZZ in over there: Click Here

To listen to what the hosts actually said: Click Here

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