Adults Making Something Out of Nothing -
       CBS Early Morning Show Trashes 7 Year Old Dancers

Five second grade little girls dance in a contest to Beyonce's hit song, "All The Single Ladies," and the Early Morning Show goes on national television, comparing their dancing to child pornography. 

While the show questioned the type of people that might have viewed these girls dancing on the internet video, the show itself had no problem airing the video on national television. Now you tell me, who exploited the girls. The dance is suddenly okay to be aired when it is for the CBS Early Morning Show ratings. And the only reason it made any ratings, was because it slandered five seven year old girls.

As a child, I would just watch someone on TV dancing a new dance, and I'd be doing the dance in no time. I never gave a thought to it being sexual. One of the mothers said that the girls had not even watched the Beyonce' video. She said that they watched the Chipmunk movie, which had three girl Chipettes singing and dancing to the song. They did not study Beyonce's video, to learn to be sexual. Dance is shaking the body, kicking the legs and showing attitude. --God looks at what is in the heart. These girls and their parents did not have sexuality in their hearts. 

Can dancing be sexual? You betcha it can be. And that type of dancing is from the heart and to be done in the privacy of one's bedroom and for one's own husband. Personally I feel that it is Beyonce's video that crossed the line over to that which should have been done in private. Not too surprisingly, the women on the CBS Early Morning Show defended Beyonce, calling her video, "Art."

I purposely do not say what I would have done with my daughters. Just because some parents would not allow it, does not mean that it is evil. These parents and children did not mean it badly. No matter what you may feel about the dance, do you really believe it deemed all this, a national debate? These are real families being publicly shredded over a children's dance. It has all gone too far.

Listen To The Chipettes-Single Ladies: Click Here  -- I do not post the video of the children dancing, because the parents never wanted the video online. People posting the video or linking to it are the real exploiters of the children. They are simply posting it for self-gain.

Debra J.M. Smith - 05-21-10 -- Updated for clarification (To view the original article: Click Here)

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 Debra J.M. Smith