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She Received Her Masters Yesterday - She Had Been Home Schooled

With a BS in Biochemistry from one university, she now has a Masters in Chemistry from another. She is my oldest daughter, Jessica

Just two weeks ago at an award ceremony where my youngest daughter, Rebecca (an undergrad and also home schooled) received an award in Chemistry, I was asked if there are any more to follow. Who'd have thought!

Sitting in my state senator's office last week, I spoke about submitting something to get started on making home school laws better in New York. My eye began to twitch, as I told the senator that I was pushed through high school and did not actually get an education until I schooled my daughters.

There is still something so embarrassing about having been uneducated when I "graduated" high school. And that's okay, because it is a reminder of what God can do with even me. You see, I would rather be the least and have the hand of God on my life, than to be the most that this world has to offer and walking through it on my own. Now I am watching His hand on my daughters. There is no greater joy than the hand of God on our children. 

Debra J.M. Smith - 05-19-10

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