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 Brent Bozell has posted on one of his sites, CNS News, the following information:

The Cybercast News Service was launched on June 16, 1998 as a news source for individuals, news organizations and broadcasters who put a higher premium on balance than spin and seek news that’s ignored or under-reported as a result of media bias by omission.


Study after study by the Media Research Center, the parent organization of CNSNews.com, clearly demonstrate a liberal bias in many news outlets – bias by commission and bias by omission – that results in a frequent double-standard in editorial decisions on what constitutes "news."


In response to these shortcomings, MRC Chairman L. Brent Bozell III founded CNSNews.com in an effort to provide an alternative news source that would cover stories that are subject to the bias of omission and report on other news subject to bias by commission.

It appears that Brent Bozell likes to have a little "spin" and to omit information from his blog,
even when posted in an area designated for topics that go beyond the regular "spin" theme.

Media Research Busted

The Hypocrisy of A "Right-Wing" Site
Monday 05-18-09

I was relatively new in the activism world when I first began posting on Media Research's well-known blog, News Busters. The site spoke a lot about the lies and hypocrisy of the liberal left. But what I also found was the hypocrisy of Media Research and its owner, Brent Bozell.

Brent Bozell's sites speak against the Fairness Doctrine that would limit free speech. But his News Busters blog limits some speech that falls under the blog topics. This happens if the blog editor deems it too much speech or too strong of speech. In July of 2007, I was told the following by email:

NewsBusters is first and foremost about exposing and combating liberal media bias. It's true that the forums section and the comments fields give plenty of leeway to our posters to discuss their viewpoints on a variety of issues beyond media bias.

But there is a certain expectation that the focus remains on issues and policy questions, not large-scale attacks on groups of people or an excuse for persistent religious proselytizing.

Your forum post regarding your visceral disdain for homosexuals was an example of the former. Tumbler has also been banned in large part for the latter.

Wikipedia notes the following about Brent Bozell, "Bozell serves on the board for the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights."

Brent Bozell went on record as having been upset over the Notre Dame issue of Obama’s speech at the Catholic university. He, himself a Catholic, owns the News Busters blog that removed the devout Catholic, Tumbler, for supposed "religious proselytizing." Yes that is correct; Tumbler's guilt was pro-Catholic speech on a Catholic owned blog. I know this personally because he and I would respectfully debate at times on the site's forum.

Many people debated such issues, including regular contributors. After all, it is the American way and the way that we all learn about each other and possibly reach others. And it is the way that Media Research and its News Busters blog would like us all to believe that it stands for.

Though Tumbler and I debated the Catholic vs. Evangelical faith beliefs, I was actually the only person who defended Tumbler's right to speak on his beliefs when the Mormons, who constantly taught theirs on the site got him kicked off and were mocking him. Then within days, I was removed from the site. As you see from the contents of the email, the editor claimed it was due to my stand against homosexual behavior, being perceived as a "visceral disdain for homosexuals." However, as you also can see, the email mentioned Tumbler and his "religious proselytizing."

After what was done to Tumbler, it seems rather odd that Brent Bozell would go after Notre Dame for having Obama and for the university's persecution of Catholics who speak up and defend their Catholic beliefs to the Catholic university. It is so interesting how his Catholicism and his stand for it just came out at just the right time, but otherwise lies dormant.

Don't get me wrong, I also don't advocate what Alan Keyes did at Notre Dame over the Obama issue, trespassing. But not all are crossing that line. And obviously I do not defend the Catholic faith, but I do defend the Catholic's right to speak his/her beliefs in appropriate places, like anyone else can.

If my removal from the forum really had to do with my strong stand against homosexuality, then that makes Brent Bozell a hypocrite for yet another reason, and it makes me a stronger voice against homosexuality than Ann Coulter.
Some may recall his strong stand for Ann Coulter when he believed that she had been banned from NBC for her outspokenness: Click Here 

Update 01/26/12 - As it turned out, I do have a stonger stand against homosexuality than Ann Coulter, after all. This is because it turned out that Ann Coulter really was a fake, all along. She has not only, taken up with a homosexual group that claims to be republican, she even now supports the father of homosexual marriage, Mitt Romney for president. While on News Busters, I would speak out against Ann Coulter, for her ways that were simply mean, to be mean. I took quite a beating for speaking against her. And now many people are getting on to her, learning that she is not a true conservative. She is just a big mouth woman, who learned how to make mega money off of conservatives. I would not be shocked to learn that she had something to do with my having gotten removed from NB, because her ads began appearing, shortly after I was removed and she is very close to Brent Bozell

Some may ask, why I would expose a "right wing" site. That is easy to answer. If the "right wing" site is clearly in this for itself and not that which they profess to be in it for, then such only hurts the true right wing movement. 

The following is posted on Wikipedia: "The Media Research Center operates on a self-reported $10 million annual budget, using what it calls "the most comprehensive media monitoring operation in the world" to track major televised broadcasts and print news with the goal of "'documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias.'"

One More Thing: 

Media Research claimed to be against Ford, for Ford's homosexual ads. But it had no problem taking money from Ford for Ford ads on the News Buster site. Site's like Brent Bozell's are not in this for the "right" reason or they would stay consistent. And seriously, if they really felt that my post was too strong, then the post would have been removed, but not me. There had been no prior warnings made to me. However, when someone else let his feelings be known to the site, about my removal, he received an email that alluded to complaints by liberal posters.


Let's face it, the site could not handle the liberals' complaints. And simply put, the site wants the business of those liberals, for all of those ads to bring in money. So the person running the site jumped at his first chance to remove the one conservative on that site's blog that did not walk a fence and had no problem backing every liberal on that blog up against a wall with his/her foolish posts.

Sites like Brent Bozell's are largely the reason we have been losing this war, that people like this are at the forefront.
For the record, I did contact Brent Bozell, via his personal secretary, to no avail.

Debra J.M. Smith

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