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Pope's Hitler Past Revealed
Wednesday, May 13, 2009 

Washington Times: "The pope spoke like a historian, as somebody observing from the sidelines, about things that shouldn't happen. But what can you do? He was part of them - a German who joined the Hitler Youth and ... Hitler's army," wire agencies quoted parliament Speaker Reuven Rivlin as saying.

Commentary: The Catholic church leaders believe that the Catholic church IS the New Israel. They also believe that the Harlot, spoken of in Revelations is a past-tense reference to Jerusalem. I spoke to a Calvary Chapel minister who told me that the Catholic church does this to seek to stop people from blessing the real Israel and to instead pay attention and give special treatment to the Catholic church. It does not surprise me that the Catholic church leaders would put in a man who was part of Hitler's army, as a youth, as their leader.

The Catholic church does not come with the true gospel and therefore is not part of the true Christian church. It is my hope that all true believers, who are saved, despite the Catholic church's false teachings, that they will come out of that church and be separate from it. We are not to have anything to do with evil works of darkness, but rather to expose such and come out of such. The Lord wants his church, the true Christian church to have unity with each other, not false teachers.

It is so very inappropriate for a man who was once in Hitler's army to be over in Israel to begin with, much less telling them to be at peace with anyone! And considering the horrendously abusive history of the Roman Catholic Church, all the current day abuse included, he has some nerve going and trying to clean up Israel's back yard. I stand against the Catholic Church leaders and all that Catholicism stands for. I stand with Israel. --Those who bless Israel, will be blessed, those who curse her, will be cursed.

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Debra J.M. Smith

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 Debra J.M. Smith