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The One-World-Religion Begins
Pope Backs 2-State Solution
Tuesday, May 12, 2009 

Washington Times: Benedict's support for a two-state solution is part of diplomatic orthodoxy…

Later Monday, Benedict said at Israel's Yad Vashem memorial to an estimated 6 million Jews killed by Nazi Germany that their suffering must never be denied...


After his visit to the memorial, the pontiff found himself in the midst of a bizarre diplomatic incident when a Palestinian Muslim cleric, Sheik Tayssir Attamimi, disrupted an interreligious meeting of Christians, Jews and Muslims by lambasting Israel for its denial of a Palestinian homeland.

Commentary: Who was supposed to be representing the Christians in that meeting, the Pope? There is a huge difference between Catholicism and born again Christianity. Born again Christianity blesses Israel. Catholicism teaches that the Catholic church is the New Israel. That speech by the Pope was nothing more than grandstanding. He is setting Israel up to be the nation that would not compromise, and then he will move right over with the Islamic people and take their side. This is the beginning of the one-world-religion. Mark my words.

As for this "Two-State 'Solution:'" It is no more a solution than if America was to give up part of her country to its enemies. Let me show you the following videos that can be found at: ClickHere


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