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    Bad News And Good News About Stem Cell Research


First the bad news: Listening to our local YNN Rochester news source, I was totally disgusted to learn of three men getting embryonic stem cell therapy from a place in India: Click Here

After listening I went to YNN's website to learn more and found that New York taxes are paying women for eggs. Right about this time, I wanted to toss my last meal, rip my site off line, and give up on America. Just to think that our tax dollars would be going to creating life, to steal would-be body parts (embryonic stem cells), made me sick. Then came the good news.

I read onto the next article, which interviewed a woman from The University of Rochester, where research is being conducted. And the woman said the following about the donated eggs:

...it's also important to note that women's eggs would not be used for embryonic stem cell research. She says the eggs would not be fertilized with sperm. They'd instead be injected with DNA and mimic the fertilization process. "I think some people are confusing embryos with eggs. We are not talking about using these eggs to create embryos to do research. The eggs themselves are going to be the source of the stem cells that will be the research subjects," said Greenlaw. Click Here

For now, it appears that the article to the right, was told before the news source had the whole story. Let's pray that the story never becomes the worse of the two possibilities.

Debra J.M. Smith - May 11, 2010

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