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Dr. Alan Keyes Arrested
If People Knew What I Know

Dr. Alan Keyes, once ambassador under President Reagan, was arrested on Friday for trespassing on the grounds of Notre Dame University to take part in a protest toward the university for having Obama, the abortion lover speak at the Catholic university.

Where to start... Oh, where to start...

First make note that no one has a right to trespass on private property unless someone's life is in immediate danger. The “right” has to stop thinking that the end justifies the means when the means is breaking the law for no danger reason. If we expect to be taken seriously, we cannot condone the breaking of the law for just any reason.

So, why are we seeing some Catholic organizations going along with Obama?

Catholicism is governed by the Catholic church leaders. Catholicism says that the word of the Lord cannot speak to the individual, that it is for its leaders' private interpretation, only. As a result, some Catholics are not going to go to the word of the Lord for correction, but instead to the Catholic church leaders for such --such does not change hearts. We see this in some Protestant churches too.

The Catholic church leaders are just men, not the Lord, nor are they a substitute for the Lord. It is not their word that corrects a soul, but the Lord's word. If a person is looking for correction by any other name under the sun, than by Jesus', then that correction is not going to correct a thing.

It is the Lord's word that is sharper than any two edged sword. It is the Lord's word that divides a sinner from his sins, not man, nor any church --Catholic nor any other church.


Now, my thoughts on Alan Keyes:

I have information on two situations that happened with Alan Keyes. One that directly involved me; the other, involved his old National Grassroots Director. Alan Keyes knows exactly who I am and how poorly he treated me, for his self-gain. He also knows that I was copied on emails, involving him and his National Grassroots Director. Alan underestimated my God given abilities and thought I would wither away and never be heard from again. Instead, I built my own website and the rest is history. I know first hand that Alan is all about the furthering of himself, right or wrong. Bottom line, two things happen, and in neither case did Alan Keyes stand for what was right.

As much as I would like to respect the man, I just cannot. And trust me, I have tried to. A good friend of mine has desired for me to. But it is just not in me to feel something that I just don't feel for a person.

With that said...

I truly believe that Alan Keyes really does have a deep-hearted desire to end abortion. It has been said that the killing of so many babies has actually brought the man to tears. But his desire to end abortion is shadowed by his ego and upset over having lost the senatorial race to Obama in Illinois. I believe that his stance he took this past Friday, to be more of a personal vendetta, than anything else.

Debra J.M. Smith - 05-10-09



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