The Mormon church is using "I'm A Mormon" Ads -
        The Mormon Church Conditioning Americans For Romney

The television ads feature many different types of people; an every day mom, the divorced, a singer, a woman who helps orphaned children and more. They tell of life-highlights and at the end say, "And I'm a Mormon."

From the very first ad that I saw, I knew what they are trying to do. They aren't trying to win people over to Mormonism. The ads are trying to get viewers to view Mormons as normal people. The focus of the ads is on the Mormons themselves, not what the Mormons believe.

These ads began to appear after the last election. And I have no doubt in my mind that they are being used to condition Americans for Romney's 2012 run for the presidential office. They want Americans to see Mormonism as normal, something acceptable.

So be ready. Once we get that Allah worshipping Muslim out of the White House, we might just end up with a Mormon "god" worshipper. And if you do not know yet, that the Mormon "god" is not the true and living biblical God: Click Here

Debra J.M. Smith -  05-09-11


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 Debra J.M. Smith