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                    Birth Certificate - Osama Bin Laden - 2012 Election

Here it is my fellow "birthers." In as much as I do not believe that Obama qualifies to be in the White House for anything more than hired-help, I also do not want to see him in that office for another four years. It is time that we focus on getting him out of there. It is time that we realize that we are not going to get him out on the qualification issue. It is time that we point out every bad thing that Obama has done to this nation and not lose that focus.

I am in no way dropping the qualification issue. I am simply putting it on a back burner and plan to pick it back up again after the 2012 election, in the hopes of never having such a situation arrive again. But as far as Obama goes, it is a dead issue. All we will do, if we keep pushing it before election day is play right into Obama's manipulative game-playing hands.

Obama wants us to keep focusing on that which most undecided-voters are convinced is a non-issue. And if we keep crying that Obama does not qualify, all else that we say is going to go by the wayside. It is better that we say, "Okay, I don't agree that he qualifies, but I'll move on to the issues of what he has done since being in the White House and what he plans on further doing to our nation."

Scripture instructs us Christians to be clever as the serpent. So we need to look at what the serpent is doing and be just as clever. We need to snicker at Obama and play his game better than he does. We need to say, "Okay, Obama, you want to play, let's play, but let's play with these cards!" He has been stacking the deck. It's time we bring out a new deck of cards and beat him at his own game. We need to focus on the issues at hand.

For example: Osama Bin Laden is dead, no thanks to Obama, but Obama is taking the credit (of course.) We need to point out how Obama does not hold true respect for our men and women in the military, that he would seek to take their praise from them. We need to remind people that Obama was never about getting Osama Bin Laden. And while we are at it, we should also point out that (according the LA Times) the information that was obtained that caused the Navy Seals to get Osama Bin Laden, was most likely obtained during Bush's time in office and via water-boarding: Click Here.

Another example: We need to educate people on what we are truly in store for if the health care law is not repealed. One of the best ways that I have found is to tell people that it is not free, that the poor will be forced to pay or will go to jail. I get amazing results, when I open people's eyes to that truth.

We need to remind people of the things Obama has done, like having bowed to that Muslim king. And most of all, we need to remind them that Obama swore that he could make everything better with our economy and has only made things worse. Yes, we can and should acknowledge that the nose dive began in Bush's days, but then we must follow up with the fact that Obama's entire slogan was "Yes we can," but every since it has been, "No we can't."

We need to play his game and get him out of there! We need to get into the issues that no one can deny

Debra J.M. Smith -  05-02-11

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 Debra J.M. Smith