Daughter of New York  Lawmaker Gets Dad To Submit Organ Stealing Bill
            Assemblyman Brodsky and thirteen others want New Yorkers to be presumed organ donors if they don't opt-out.


Willie Brodsky, two-time kidney transplant recipient and daughter of  New York Assemblyman Richard L. Brodsky wants your body organs, even if it is by deceit. Her father, the New York lawmaker, is trying to push through an "Organ Presumed Consent" law. 

The law would presume that all New Yorkers who do not opt-out to, are actually giving their consent to be organ donors, as if everyone would know about this. In an online video, Willie Brodsky said of "Organ Presumed Consent" that it is "a major way to fix the problem, the best way to fix the problem" of donor shortages. AP writer Randall Chase quoted the elder Brodsky as having said, "People's survival should not rest on acts of God alone."

Forget about grieving family members who learn about this law too late. Willie and her daddy are on a mission that they feel is the answer to doing a better job than they believe God can do!

Debra J.M. Smith - 04-30-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith