New York Bill Automatically Signs New Yorkers Up For Organ Donation - 
         New York Assemblyman Richard L. Brodsky Wants New Yorkers' Body Parts


New York Assemblyman Richard L. Brodsky wants New Yorkers' body parts, even if it is by dishonesty, manipulation and out-and-out thievery. Of course, some would just call this another day in the life of a liberal Democrat politician.

Brodsky is out to literally steal body parts from any dead New Yorker who had a drivers license and did not know of the need to actually "opt out" of donating organs if the dead person did not so choose to donate such. The bill requires people to "opt out," if they do not wish to donate.

But of course the bill uses the terminology that it, "provides that individuals must opt out of organ donation." The word "provides" sounds so much nicer than "requires," and it actually sounds like it is doing us New Yorkers a huge favor. I mean, how so very nice of Richard Brodsky to PROVIDE for us to opt out! --This really makes you never want to pick up a TV remote or game joystick again. Fact is, if we don't keep on our toes and watch these lawmakers, they will do whatever they want. They will even go as far as buying votes with our very body parts, and those of our children and other loved ones!

Brodsky wants it to be automatic, that everyone with a New York drivers License is an organ donor unless the person "opts out" of donating. Do you think mom, dad, son or daughter, sister or brother might not understand such and leave behind relatives who have to deal with their loved one becoming a state organ and tissue smorgasbord!

Oh and get this. The bill actually states that if anyone "HAS CHOSEN NOT TO OPT-OUT OF THE NEW YORK STATE ORGAN AND TISSUE DONOR REGISTRY ON A DRIVER'S LICENSE APPLICATION," that family members cannot do a thing about it. Check it out for yourself: Click Here


Basically this bill would claim that a person is entering into a legally binding contract, by NOT opting out to. The bill actually uses the term that a person "has chosen NOT to opt-out." I can see the first major law suit brought about by a grieving family against the state of New York, asking the question, "How did the state of New York know that the deceased 'CHOSE' to NOT opt out?"

This must be stopped! And this liberal Democrat needs replaced with someone with a functioning organ, called a brain. I would really like to see his donor card. Ten bucks says he is leaving his brain to science, so that someone can figure out just what makes a liberal come up with such stupid idiotic ideas!

I live in New York and will fight this. If you want to fight it, contact your assemblyman: Click Here 

It is a good year to get rid of some of these democrats. Let's do it. Seriously, let's just do it!

Debra J.M. Smith - 04-27-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith