Who Is This Clown -
     "Last Word" O'Donnell Says Jesus Would Tax Us All of Our Money

"Last Word" O'Donnell claims Jesus would tax us all of our money. I kid you not. Watch the MSNBC video: Click Here --Then let them know how you feel, by going to MSNBC online and filling out a message: Click Here. Below is my comment.

Mr. O’Donnell needs to correct his statement, saying that [as a tax collector] Jesus would "take" all of our money.

First, Jesus would never tax anyone. Jesus would never be a tax collector. The bible speaks harshly against tax collectors. And Jesus never "takes" or "forces people to give" money to Him (via the biblical church and or giving to the least of His.) The Lord's people are called to willingly "give" money unto the Lord.

And that money is not needed by the Lord, but rather the giving of any type of offering to the Lord, be-it money or goods, is a blessing. It is a blessing to the Lord, to the giver, and to all who are affected by it.

Debra J.M. Smith - © 04-26-11


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