Let's not stop with the authorities, let's employ the help of citizens - 
  Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Call On Citizens To Help Outs Illegals

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer should not stop with the authorities, but should employ the help of the citizens of the state, as well. And every state should follow Arizona's fine example.

Here's the fact of it. Most of these illegals are known by some citizens. Give the citizens some incentive to report people who they have it on good cause to believe are here illegally. And back it up with money. If a person is turned in and found to actually be here illegally, pay the informant a monetary reward of fifty dollars. And dont' stop there; have people turn in employers who hire illegals, and make those employers pay hefty fines that would pay for those monetary rewards.

As for people being wrongly checked, pay them double the monetary reward if they turn in an illegal. I am so serious here. Let them know that we appreciate anyone reporting people who are here illegally. And of all the people who should care to report illegals, I would think it would be those who are wrongly suspected, because the illegals make everyone in their race look as if they are here illegally. Let's face it, if you see people who look to be from Mexico hanging out outside of Walmart, you wonder if they are here illegally. Why is this a secret? If it were Italians that were causing all of this havoc, coming here illegally, I would be the first to bust anyone that I knew was here illegally; and I would have no problem showing my proof of identification to any authoritative figure. And I would be upset with the illegals for the situation, not those who are trying to crack down on them. It is the illegals that are causing this profiling to take place, no one else.

Debra J.M. Smith - 04-26-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith